[UPDATE] Emergency Data Center Maintenance - November 29, 2018 All the latest from NodeSpace

We thank you very much for your extended patience and simply wanted to provide an update to our prior notice regarding emergency maintenance in our Orlando data center resulting in us placing it into maintenance mode.

At this time our engineers continue to monitor the status of our electrical systems and will continue to do so until our facility is out of maintenance mode. We were able to limit down the factors that triggered our monitoring systems and steps are already being taken to resolve those issues. We remain cautiously optimistic that we will finalize the maintenance with no impact to your services and are aiming to have everything completed by tomorrow afternoon.

As promised, a recap of the situation will be made available after the data center is out of maintenance mode. Lastly, in case an emergency should occur, we do urge you to follow our social media accounts, which are listed below, for updates:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nodespace

Thank you once again for your patience and understanding during this time and we hope you have a great evening.



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