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  •   03/27/2019 12:34 AM

When it comes to paying us - and us getting paid - it's a big deal. You help us keep the servers humming, the data centers cool, our families fed, and the lights in our office on (even though we prefer to work in the dark!). That's why we're making changes in how you pay your invoices. We are dropping support of our payment processor 2Checkout and exclusively processing payments through PayPal. Here's some reasons why.
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  1. Reduced fraud keeps our costs low.
    Fraud is expensive. It costs us beaucoup bucks. Over the last year, as we grew so did fraud. While we use layered fraud checks, sometimes fraud orders make it past our first line of defense and so our automated system permits the fraudsters to continue to the payment processor. Then, somehow, they make it through our payment processor and we have what looks like a legitimate order. Then, once it's flagged for manual review, we have to waste time and energy to refund orders, shut down accounts, and sometimes our automated ordering system provisions non-refundable items like domains and licenses which we have to eat the charge for. When we eat the charge, we have to raise prices. We'd rather not do this. We believe PayPal has a better track record at stopping fraud.
  2. PayPal offers the same payment methods as 2Checkout - and more.
    With 2Checkout, you need a credit or debit card. With PayPal, you can use your credit, debit, bank, or PayPal balance. Not enough money in one source? You can fall back on another source automatically. Also, you do not need to have a PayPal account to checkout with PayPal!
  3. Less fees means lower prices.
    When we're charged less fees, we charge you less. Simple as that.
  4. Protection for all parties.
    We believe that PayPal is honest and fair. If you have a problem, they make sure you work it out with us first. We're not a faceless mega corporation. We're a small business. We'll bend over backwards for you.
Questions? Concerns? Comments? Feel free to open a Billing Ticket. We're here and happy to help!



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