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In an effort to make receiving support easier, we're changing the way in which support/security PINs are generated. You'll now find a PIN automatically issued to you. This PIN is found on the left hand side of the Client Area. For your protection, when a PIN is used by a member of our staff, the PIN is immediately invalidated and can no longer be used. Our staff cannot access your account without this PIN so you may need to provide it upon request. All ticket forms have a field for the PIN to be entered. If you submit a ticket via email, please note that you may be required to login to the Client Area and provide the PIN.

This will also make it simpler for third parties who you work with to obtain support. For example, if you have a web developer who needs to contact us for support, you would want to give them the current PIN in your account. This would allow them to be authorized to act on your account on your behalf - such as password resets, service upgrades/downgrades, and making changes to the account. It's important that you only share PINs with trusted parties.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!



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