My order is marked as fraud. What do I do?

We do business globally. As such, there are inherent risk factors that we attempt to mitigate through automatic fraud detection. If your order is marked as fraud by our system, one of our employees will manually review the order! It may take a few hours for us to review the order and decide if it is actual fraud or if the order should undergo Fraud Review. In most cases, we will contact you about your order. This will be a ticket generated though our ticketing system and will come from To combat fraud, we do require proof of ID such as a government issued passport or driver's license. We respect your privacy and this is only used to confirm your identity. Once your identity is confirmed, we destroy the information provided per our Privacy Policy available for review here:

Once your order has passed fraud review, your order will be updated accordingly and your cancelled invoice will be re-activated. Please pay your first invoice as soon as possible to avoid order cancellation. Your services will become active in normal time frames.



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