Changing your MX record

The MX record is the mail exchange record. This helps direct mail to the appropriate mail server. You should only change this record if you are using either an external mail provider (such as Office 365) or a mail protection service.

  1. Login to cPanel and under Mail, click on MX Entry.
  2. If you have multiple domains, you will have to select which domain you which to modify the MX record on. Once you've selected your domain, you will need to select the email routing method. Select carefully as this can break existing email setup.

    Local Mail Exchanger - Your account will be permitted to send and receive email on this server.
    Backup Mail Exchanger - The server will accept email and hold it in queue until your primary mail exchanger is responding again. You do not need to create duplicate email accounts.
    Remote Mail Exchanger - The server will not accept email. It instead will forward it to the primary mail exchanger.

  3. If you are adding a new record, you can enter it in the next section. The best rule of thumb or priority is to start at 0 and then increase in 10's. For example, a secondary record priority would be 10, a tertiary would be 20, etc.

  4. To edit your existing record, click on the edit link or even delete the record. When you edit the record, you can change the priority and/or the destination.

Please remember that it can take anywhere up to 24-48 hours for the DNS to propagate world wide.



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